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Lukáš Řezníček

Creator of indie games like sci-fi arcade Fatal error, horror FPS Debteh or more recently project Bukkaku.


Harakiry visuals

Game maps and visuals in 2019. Cute looking elements in a dark and scary atmosphere.But it's not always Evil and Good.

Draven Images

Game name and short description

Experimental horror survival with elements of science fiction and RPG. A story between life and death in a stylized game origami world.

The name „Bukkaku“ has many translations. It kind of makes sense if you think about it. If you are wondering why it sounds similar to bukkake, it's because it comms from the same root word. (bukkake 打っ掛け) First kanji (打) translates to “strike” or “sudden”. Mostly it's corresponding with "shattering to pieces" from which comms the graphical style which should be absolutely obvious. And last but not least it's a word for Buddhism temple playing essential role in the game.

Game informations from interview

The game is of experimental genre with mostly horror elements. Bit of survival with sci-fi and RPG elements. I am still trying to make the game with a differenf aproach. Already i can tell it's not gonna be typical walk through big map filled with quests. Don't expect a story explanation or game mechanics. You fill be thrown itno the world and play without any help. It is still a game so in the world of darkness and light i am working on some quiet places for your character. Players character doesn't have life and it's not dead either. It just on the crossroads and is exploring deep darkness and blinding light. But it's not always Evil and Good. Often it's quite the opposite acctually. Graphics is a lot about contrast. Cute looking elements in a dark and scary atmosphere.